Our Story

Hi there! We are Karolina and Dani and want to share our love for cacao magic with you!

 I was just getting started on my chocolate journey and gaining a growing passion for cacao when I met Dani, mi amor. I was living in the UCSC trailer park where I lived in a small cozy trailer and was making chocolates for my lovely community. One day, Dani visited the trailer park from San Francisco for one of our weekly potlucks. He was amazed when he found out I make my own chocolate.  At the time I was vegan and he was gluten intolerant, and he was beyond stoked to see that we can make our own chocolate given our dietary restrictions. As our relationship grew, so did our knowledge and love for cacao. We took the time to become experts about cacao and chocolate through research, travel, working for different chocolate companies, and working on a cacao farm. With this knowledge we want to give you the best chocolate possible, full of magic. Each batch of chocolate is made in ceremony. What does this mean? We make our chocolate with intention, giving gratitude and love to the cacao whether it be through music, poetry, or laughter. Read about the ingredients we use HERE

Our name, CocoMo, is dedicated to pets all over the world! Coco was my dog and Mo was my cat, so this little project is dedicated to them. It is quite incredible how animals are always living in the present moment, and for me, chocolate brings me into this moment. I want everyone to be able to enjoy a sweet treat while living in this moment right now just like our animal friends do. 

A little more about us: 

I am in veterinary school in Davis! I am interested in working with wildlife and integrative medicine. In my free time I love to spend time with my family and community, dance, surf, hike, and practice yoga. 

Dani is a publishing manager at PepperJam in Santa Cruz. In his free time he likes to spend time with his community, surf, and bike around town.