Our products are made with is sustainably sourced, fair trade, wild cacao. What does this mean? The cacao we use is grown in the jungles of the Ecuador so no plantations or farms. The trees are nourished by the rain and the flora around them. We believe in doing what is good for the planet, the cacao trees, the workers and you! This biodynamic method of harvesting cacao is the optimal way to support this heirloom rare Arriba Criollo variety of cacao, which has been known to be the most magical of them all. 

Health Benefits

Cacao is medicine!! It is full of good stuff: 

  • Antioxidants- these are compounds that inhibit oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that releases free radicals known as reactive oxygen species which ultimately lead to the destruction of your own important molecules such as DNA, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. Cacao is an antioxidant, so it can donate an electron to these free radical and neutralize it, preventing it from harming your own body. 
  • Magnesium- One of the most deficient mineral in the modern diet, magnesium is important for so many biochemical processes in your body. It is known to support brain function, improve mood, have anti-inflammatory benefits, keep bones strong, and regulate blood pressure. Cacao is one of the few natural foods with a high magnesium content! 
  • Iron- This mineral is vital for life. Hemoglobin binds to this compound and transports oxygen all throughout our body. Iron is usually recycled, but if we lose it, we need to get iron from our diet. And sometimes our body tells us we need it by craving chocolate! 
  • Anandamide- known as the bliss molecule and similar to the runners high. Cacao contains anandamide. No wonder it makes us feel good! 
  • Theobromine- this molecule is very similar to caffeine, but rather than stimulating the mind, it stimulates the cardiovascular system. It is a vasodilator, bringing more blood to our body like our brain, which may be why we feel more alert when we eat chocolate! Traditionally, cacao is known to open up our hearts and connect with others, which may be why we have that feeling of love when we eat chocolate as well. 

 Cacao Butter

What is it? 

Cacao butter is purely the fat that comes from cacao. It is like just getting peanut oil from peanuts. Most cacao butter comes from a process called hydraulic pressing using high heat so it looses a lot of beneficial properties. Our cacao butter is cold-pressed, which means it maintains all the beneficial properties of the whole food, similar to cold pressed juice! In addition to cold-pressed, our cacao butter is fair-trade, organic, and wild! It is loaded with healthy fats, vitamin K, and Vitamin E. 

Coconut Sugar

Tell me more!

Coconut sugar comes from the sap of flower buds on the coconut palm tree. We like to keep things consistent, so the coconut sugar we use is also fair trade and organic. We use coconut sugar because it is a healthier option when it comes to sweeteners. It has a low glycemic index, which means it does not make our blood sugar spike as fast. This can be thanks to the inulin it contains- slows glucose absorption and is good for gut health. Coconut sugar also has trace amounts of electrolytes.