Our goal is to bring you high quality chocolate while leaving as minimal of an impact we can on our mother Earth. Read more to see how sustainability plays a part in our ingredients and our packaging. 

Our Ingredients

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We are on a mission to reduce plastic waste as much as we can! 

Chocolate Bars

We use biodegradable packaging for the clear inner sleeve around our chocolate. While it is durable and keeps your chocolate fresh, it is made of cellulose, and suitable for home composting! The outer envelope is made of recycled paper which can be recycled again, saved as a souvenir, or framed to decorate your living room wall. 


Made from glass mason jars, these kits can be reused again and again. From storing your favorite bulk food items to using them for arts and crafts. 

Corporate Gifts

All made from paper. Most chocolate boxes contain some kind of plastic components, we worked hard to create a box that kept our caramels fresh while reducing the amount of plastic waste and keeping it classy.